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"Tumor marker down by 33 points in one month!"

“I have only been using the wand for a month now and have already had amazing results. I have aggressive metastatic stage 4 her2+ breast cancer. This is the first time in over 18 months my tumor markers have come down. Now down 33 points in one month. 

- Katharyn H.1

Bone pain gone. Decreased back pain, decrease hip pain noted.

"Delivers healing on demand!"

- Julia C.1

"Irreparable Nerve Damage… Repaired!"

"First wand was made 7 years ago for a woman whose little daughter fell from the dryer and broke her shoulder. Her arm and had had so much nerve damage, she could not move anything. The doctors were going to do a nerve graft and the mom said “no.” She bought a wand used the Sound of the Sun with magnets and after 3 months, her fingers were moving again and months later full movement in arm and hands."

- Anonymous1

"Free Of Toxoplasmosis!"

"I am thrilled to report that my veterinarian just informed me that my kitty is free of Toxoplasmosis!!  She was diagnosed with Toxo three weeks ago after months of muscle loss and seizures.  The original report a couple of months earlier on my seizing, poor looking kitty showed normal blood work, but there were no tests to look for anything "outside the box."

A suggestion was made to try phenobarbital for the seizures. I was unwilling to treat the symptoms, only, so I declined that road. A second opinion included a wide blood screen which found my kitty had a bad Toxoplasmosis infection. I had just received my Wand and amplifier, so I decided to try it on the kitty.  I found Toxo Rife Frequencies, and using my own protocol, I regularly treated her.  That was scary, as I was also trying to treat the seizures, and it was all really an experiment. The high dose antibiotic route was going to be very hard on her already sick body, so I experimented with the Wand.  And, here we are, three weeks later, the cat is acting more normal, and tests show no more Toxoplasmosis!  The Toxo organism has done a number on my kitty's body, however.  I am still treating her with the Wand too, hopefully, rid her of the seizures and restore her balance.   There is NO doubt the Wand's light frequencies killed the Toxo organism in my cat.  I did not use any of the antibiotics prescribed for her.

I kept them to use only if the Wand was unsuccessful. I am totally a believer in Wand as a healing tool. I have used the Wand on my husband, my horses, and myself.  We are all feeling the benefits.  The kitty proved via blood testing that the Wand is for real.  I recommend it to everyone."

- *Ty McClung, Gainesville, FL

"What Could 45 minutes of the Resonant Wand Do to You?"

I am so glad to tell you that the wand is beginning to make a major difference since it was shipped to Spain a few days ago.

Yesterday, as I was returning home from work, i was approached by one of my neighbors who was limping on her left foot and in agony. She complained that she had been in pain for 2 days and all they could at the local hospital was to give her some useless cream.

I invited her to have a session with the wand since she knew I had commenced using this machine to heal my eyesight.

You'd never guess, I selected a couple of frequencies with the machine for joint pains and after 45 minutes of treatment, to my disbelief she stood up from the bed and she told me that the pain had gone, and she was able to stand up on both feet. I noticed that the swell had reduced substantially.

You should have seen her face , she went hysterical and she was shocked but positively surprised, of course she had never experienced anything like in her life, and so did I to be honest. This morning I met the neighbor again and she was smiling and walking as normal. I can assure you that, having seen the way the foot had swollen, without the machine she would have kept limping in pain for at least 2 weeks. I know this for sure as I have played soccer for many years in the past and these injuries had been plaguing me on a regular basis.

I am very impressed with the results so far, and I cannot thank you enough for the great product you have put together, the health revolution is on now, and I'll be one of the greatest cheerleaders to lead the dances...

Best Regards,

- Toni Turi, Spain

"Severe Tinnitus Healed, Spirits Lifted!"

I have been using the wand since September 2018 and I bought it mainly to cure my "Severe Tinnitus" and help with Eyesight, but also wanted to explore all the other amazing Quantum frequencies.

So I began with SOS (Sound of the Sun) and Tinnitus, Ears Ringing, Ears Balance, and Hearing to improve and took about 2 months of listening everyday to these frequencies and now my Tinnitus is HEALED!

Also in that time I have beed using frequencies for eyes Eyes Blurred, Eyes Bifocal, Eyes Degeneration, Eyes Improve Vision, Eyes Near & farsighted, Eyes Strained, which have helped my eyes feel better and not sore also long distance sight has improved, eyes still blurry and need reading glasses, but I continue to use these frequencies to help them.

I also experiment with other frequencies Pineal Gland which has helped me feel more connected spiritually, I have always been spiritual but went through a bad period when my Mum died and felt very disconnected and “What does Life Mean” even "I hate life/suicidal” feeling and since using the Pineal Gland frequency I am back feeling connected and more in tune again. This frequency really helped.

I am helping a friend of mine who has Bi-Polar Disorder with the Wand. 

I use what is needed at the time, I ask her questions and from her answers I use a certain frequency.

Have also used the wand on one man 33 years old for migraine which it went away after 20 minutes and then he went out to friends place when normally he has to lay down or have a shower for 20 minutes.

My friend that I live with have used Insomnia / sleep frequency for her once as she has Insomnia, and she fell asleep in the chair while listening to the frequency. Would like to use it more with her but I will wait for her to ask me now.

I use the Wand everyday and love it, I feel stronger in many ways my general health has improved and I notice I do not take as many vitamins as I use too, don’t feel like I need to. Its hard to describe all the little changes that are different but I will just say I feel stronger physically mentally and emotionally and more switched on but calmer if that makes sense.

Thank You,

- *Brad Smith

"Energized... Confident... Clear!"

I am experiencing Euphoria or Bliss in meditations more and my body is increasingly energized and for longer periods of time. 

Subtle energy during treatment brings on big experiences! 

I am making more Confident and Clear decisions about my life since using this technology! 

I have clarity and I am not all over the place! 

I was diagnosed with ADHD, I don’t believe that I ever had this. 

Since using the device, I am seeing that stress diet and disharmony in frequency was the biggest factor. 

It seems the frequencies are showing me and telling me what’s happening and where in my body! 

That is so wild to feel the living being of frequency! 

I know it is intelligent energy!

My mental and physical body has been out of balance and out of harmony with everything both Physical and subtle! 

Body pain is reduced by 60-70%

My injuries are not swelling in the joints as before. 

I am not nauseous any more.

 I have continued to feel the warmth in my feet after and during treatments. 

I’m moving and starting a new life including a new business that is planned around the Wand and Coil. 

I am feeling better than I have in so long I can’t remember when. 

I’ve had some great experiences so far with this device.

- *Esther White

"Quarter Sized Tumor... Completely Resolved!"

I've been using the wand for a few weeks . We have a 14 yr old German Shepard who is always in the room within 12ft.when the wand is on,(I did sit with her with the sun frequency once.) she had a quarter size tumor on her hip that has opened and is almost completely resolved. She seems to have more energy and spring in her steps these days, We are so grateful she is a happy pup for an old girl.

Thank you for giving her quality of life in her last years.

Many thanks,

- *Laura

"Business Positively Transformed and Changed!"

I am excited to share that upon using the Coil in my business space the energy in the space was transformed and changes are manifesting positively. The people that need to be in the space are being attracted both as clients and practitioners. Client appointments have increased, event participation is up, new events are being created successfully, service offerings have increased and well received. It would be a blessing to win the console to incorporate into the business model for both individual sessions, events and overall business. 

Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

- *Kimberly Taylor

"Less Pain... Increased Mobility... One Treatment!"

I have been using my Wand for about 3 weeks on myself and my friends and family. I have two cases of body pain (stiff neck and strained ankle). I listened to other Practitioners testimonies and watched their videos and treat each patient with the Sun, A Frequency to help Treat their pain (For Stiff Neck and Sprains, and closed with Great Pyramid as instructed. Both patients reported less pain and increased mobility after 1 treatment.

- *Leslie Madden, New Orleans

"Amazing Fast Recovery After Surgery!"

My adopted cat had a huge malignant tumour removed, after lying in gardens that'd been sprayed with glyphosate for years..

The surgery left a huge scar and had cut muscles and nerves along his right thigh, hip and leg.

He was unable to run, jump or even get himself onto the couch after surgery.

When i used the muscle repair frequency, to my surprise, he started jumping from bed to couch and up fences again! He's mobile and much happier because he can get out there and play like he used to.

He love the wand and cuddles up to it.

I look forward to treating many more pets! it's so easy and effective. No need for traumatic vet visits...

- *Claudia Van Roosmalen

"Sciatic Pain Alleviated!"

It’s only a small thing but the only quantitative measure I have so far of wand working is that it got rid of the Coxsackie virus which has been there for awhile. 

I go to a homeopath for a check every 6 weeks or so to use his electro dermal screening machine and it showed that the Coxsackie was gone. 

Now trying to get rid of EBV. I have used the wand for lower back pain and what feels like sciatic pain and it has reduced my pain in some instances. Overall energy has increased and I seem to need less sleep.

- *Colleen

"Tinnitus (Ring in Ear) Reduced!"

I received my Wand just over a week ago. It only took me 10 minutes to set it up and test that the frequencies were running through it correctly.

The first 2 days I ran Life Force frequencies for 40 minutes. Then for the next 5 days I also included the tinnitus Rife frequency.

After 2 days I noticed that I had more energy and was feeling more positive. The tinnitus that I have had for several years reduced in volume and the sound is lighter. And... this is just the start :)

I am pleased with my progress, and expect positive changes to continue. I will continue to update my experience over the coming weeks and months.

Aikido Instructor and Healer

- *Tony Wilden

"Improved Multiple Conditions! (Diabetes, Arthritis, Kidney, Pain)"

In July 2017 i had a kidney transplant and in November that same year developed Type 2 DIABETES (which i take medication for) as a result of the anti-rejection drugs a common side effect. In addition my feet were becoming numb due to toxins not being removed from my body. Also i developed arthritis in my knees and could not walk up and down the stairs without holding on to the hand rail and it was difficult for me to walk more than 15-20 without having to sit for a while to recover and then go on. I purchased the wand to use at home. i have been using the Life Force frequency for the past 3 weeks 20 mins each day along with Resonant Wand. Frequency for Arthritis, diabetes, heart and other frequencies. What i can tell you is that the pain in my knees is 95 percent gone and my are not as painful and i can walk unaided up and down the stairs without handrail support. i saw my kidney specialist last week and he reduced my diabetic medication that i need to take. I feel that my quality of my life has improved since using the Wand and hopeful for further improvements in the future. I would recommend others to try it out and give it a go. My goal in the future is to help others improve their quality in the future.

- *Anthony Mitchell

"80% Better!"

I fell on the ice in my driveway and hurt my ankle and knee. Today is the day after and I am 80% better. Amazing.

- *Dr. Carol S Kessler

"Each Day Brought Positive Results!"

I used my Resonant Wand device to activate healing for Cellulitis in the lower leg. Life Force freqency, very healing and in a manner of layering. My body was "buzzing", and very quickly the redness, inflammation and pain in the lower leg area was less and less red, sore and painful. Each day brought positive results. As a practitioner of Quantum Biofeedback the Resonant Wand is such a wonderful and beneficial and useful tool. I will be sharing it with all my clients, family and friends.

Beautiful results. Thank you,

- *Melinda Garcia Watson

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"Improved Multiple Conditions! (Diabetes, Arthritis, Kidney, Pain)"

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After the first session he said it was 25% better.

I just shined it on him(my patient) and after the first session, he said it was 25% better. He's able to move it(arms) a little bit higher. The second week, he said 50% and the third week he was able to lift it(the arms) a little bit higher and the fourth week (both arms way up). I've done four sessions on now he likes to sleep like this(1 arm up) and so he was able to do that and as he was leaving to the fourth session he's putting on his coat like this (both arms with shoulder up).

- Jacob Caldwell.

48 hrs he started using the device my mom started to have a good night sleep

I will call her in the morning "hey good morning mom! how are you?".Same normal routine call." yeah I'm okay" .We'll be like "how did you sleep?" and of course every single day I make the same call and every day I hear the same answer " I was under a lot of pain, my shoulder, my arms, my neck, my back is hurting too much! I was basically up all night! I couldn't sleep. I'm so tired. I'm dragged and beaten down". 48 hours more or less after I started using the the PEMF coil, she's told me " I was able to get a good night's sleep"

- Luis

The Secret for Reducing Pain Caused by Accident Injuries 

 "I believe that the wand is definitely helping me. I can tell the reduction in pain already, it's pretty significant. I would say that just having started using it I want to say that it's cut my pain in half "

"I used to live with a 9/10 pain level daily, now it's down to 4/5 - without drugs or invasive treatments. "

"I would start waking up in the morning... super stiff and I literally feel like a 10-man but I would wake up in the morning and my muscles started to feel relaxed and now I can sit for a lot longer" 

- Iulia T.

"I was seeking for something that will alleviate this pain and suffering. "

Last week when I went to my doctor, she reported that my breast lump has gone away she also provided me a letter with findings, during my visit she also shared with me that she was pleasantly surprised to see that my anemia was gone as well, and my hemoglobin had returned to normal

- Melany W.

Tumor markers reduced by 65%!  
Immune cells increased 52%! (According to Medical  Report)

"I've got a tool in my arsenal that I believe is going to get me to be a very old lady in my 90s, rocking on the porch in good health"

- Katharyn H.

it went from a really dark purple and like protruding out of the skin to a really really light blue

I did like two 10-minute sessions and then two 15-minute sessions and then that I just said okay let's just go 45 and they disappeared. It went from a really dark purple and like protruding out of the skin to a really really light blue and it's smooth ... significantly reduce the varicose vein

- Elizabeth

this device has actually made a huge impact in my life it's actually life-changing" 

 I was able to heal and release phsychological and emotional trauma that I was carrying with me for years.

- Melany W.

I noticed my eyes I'm able to see details they haven't seen before

I noticed my eyes I'm able to see details they haven't seen before like I was playing this game there's like this little logo at the bottom and then one day I'm looking at like there's a tiger in there I thought it's just a blob and I noticed hearing song lyrics as long as I've heard for decades and they kind of mumbles I really thought I can't hear that ,I'm starting to hear it I'm hearing the words they didn't change the song

- Luis

Rife Machine Testimonial for Eyes and Pain Relief  

“Eyes improved… Pain is gone... Makes me more creative with my ability to compose songs…” 

- Toni Turi

It helps me take care of my mom and Dad in their old age without spending on special care. 

"I'm so glad I could help my parent's health and well-being 24/7/365 without having to be physically there." 

- David Wong

MCL Tear Rehab Testimonial 

Three days later I did another session for two hours I just rested on my knee and pop again and since then it's been feeling stronger it was like that muscle is actually back online and it's working again

- Jacob Caldwell

Knee Injury Pain! Accelerated Healing Without Surgery? 

"I started using it along with the wand after I received them and I use it through out the day... I've been able to do over the past two weeks, the things that I had not been able to do [on] prior the couple of months even with physical therapy involved" 

- Luis

Healed Emotional Blocks

well I had just gotten my stuff and it was like I put the wand on mom passed away maybe I didn't say enough, we could be holding back emotion and things like that. so even though you sing you still might have emotion that's being blocked and so I had to really go easy and eventually it was like it's just like wide open and it's really good

For the first time in my entire life I feel more energetic I'm happier I can concentrate I can focus it's changed my life

I had searched for many years in fact decades for a solution. I'd been using the wand it has been a miracle. I went to my doctor last week and she reported to me that my iron and hemoglobin levels [have substantially improved]

- Melany W.

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Can't Fall Asleep

I went to his apartment, I put the wand next to his bed, and I ran the frequency.

The next morning, I asked him. Hey dad, how did it go last night?
He said, wow! I actually slept 4 hours last night and it was a good deep sleep. I was totally amazed and happy!

- David Wong

High Blood Pressure Reduced!

The Insurance Agent called him and said "Wow! I got great news! They're gonna give you the marathon runner rate!" we were like "Yes!". We believe in the wand. We use the wand frequently and it doesn't have to be just for chronic illness it can just be used for daily maintenance feeling good and keeping your body and proper alignment

- 50 year old man

He come home Tuesday afternoon and he was like, "look what I can do!"

he couldn't put his hand behind his back, he couldn't lift his hand above his head and he couldn't do the helicopter roll. So, I said you definitely have the rotator cuff. So, we did the wand again, there's more reiki and that was on Monday night. Tuesday morning he got up and he went to work. He come home Tuesday afternoon and he was like, look what I can do.

- Cheryl

I don't have to need to raise my voice and be loud in order to put them in time out

When I was being hard to them, I don't use force and I will use mean words but I do  what I had to yell like yelled and they were not expecting that I would be like a little bit intimidated but now I don't have to do that. it's like I talked to them and the words connect . It went from not following orders to really really paying attention and listening.They will do it right now moving on and they're taking action and I don't have to come back three four or five times asking them to do the same thing. I don't  need to raise my voice and be loud in order to or have to put them in time out

- Luis

And the wand grew but the microwaved water didn't. Even though it was the same water...

I took a cup of water and pour it over a top of some seeds. Took the same cup that was microwaved put it on, just the water restructure. And then one round of earth frequency. Restructure just the earth. And then put that over the second cup, was a seeds. One was marked W mean wand, the other one with M. Well, anyway. And the wand grew but the microwaved water didn't. Even though it was the same water, just one was, one was microwaved and wand treatment.

the proof is in the pudding and there is nothing there, so they stopped the chemo and radiation

He had his follow-up appointment and in the doctor's office, they did a sigmoidoscopy. They had marked the tumor in his colon when they did the colonoscopy. When they did the sigmoidoscopy the doctor said "wait a minute. We must have missed our marker. We must have measured wrong? there's nothing here!" and so they sent him over to the hospital and they did a colonoscopy and there was nothing there. The tumor was completely gone. The doctor said "this is nothing that happened with one treatment of chemo and one treatment of radiation so we don't really know what happened here"

- Patient

Energized my food! It restructured my food.

I'm just blown away I've only had my device for three days and I've been putting food in front of my devices and things taste better I mean these guys go over and over with either the Delta or the theta


I noticed my eyes I'm able to see details they haven't seen before

I noticed my eyes I'm able to see details they haven't seen before like I was playing this game there's like this little logo at the bottom and then one day I'm looking at like there's a tiger in there I thought it's just a blob and I noticed hearing song lyrics as long as I've heard for decades and they kind of mumbles I really thought I can't hear that ,I'm starting to hear it I'm hearing the words they didn't change the song

- Jacob Cadwell


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