Breakthrough Wellness Technology

"Sound and Magnetic Waves For Personal Transformation"

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These Users Got Results FAST!¹

- Iulia T.

"I used to live with a 9/10 pain level daily, now it's down to 4/5 - without drugs or invasive treatments. "

"I would start waking up in the morning... super stiff and I literally feel like a tin-man but I would wake up in the morning and my muscles started to feel relaxed and now I can sit for a lot longer" 

- Melany W.

"I was able to heal and release psychological and emotional trauma that I was carrying with me for years. "

"this device has actually made a huge impact in my life it's actually life-changing"

- Katharyn H.

"Tumor marker down by 33 points in one month!"

“I have only been using the wand for a month now and have already had amazing results. I have aggressive metastatic stage 4 her2+ breast cancer. This is the first time in over 18 months my tumor markers have come down. Now down 33 points in one month. 

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Breakthrough Wellness Technology

"Sound and Magnetic Waves For Personal Transformation"

- Jacob C.

"MCL Tear Rehab Testimonial "

"Three days later I did another session for two hours I just rested on my knee and pop again and since then it's been feeling stronger it was like that muscle is actually back online and it's working again" 

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Our Systems Include the Most Number of Frequencies

Massive Range of Devices

Our Devices Create Magnetic Fields in all Directions

Mobile Portability

We Incorporate Gem Ions in our Devices

Ease of Use and Safety

Our Devices are Designed Like Artwork

Combine Device Use in Very Creative Ways

Longevity and Durability of Our Systems

We Offer Professional Training



 Boost Immune

 Raise Your Bio-Energy

 Great for Seniors

 Supports Vitality

 Boosts Energy & Productivity

 EMF Protection



 Facilitates Concentration, Memory & Clarity

 Promotes Deep Quality Sleep

 Ultra Relaxation

 Profound Meditation

 Better Mood

 Assists With Anxiety & Stress Relief



 Spas, Meditation Centers, Float Tanks, Sanctuaries

 High Performance Athletic Training

 Veterinarians, Wildlife Preservation

 Water & Food Enhancement, Organic Farming

 Wellness for Large Communities, Organizations and Workplaces

 Wellness Practitioners, Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers